Add that "WOW" factor to a grand entrance, concert, or the farewell! The Cold Spark Fountain features 2 spark fountains with a 10 foot spark height. 16 foot spark height avaiable for an additional $25. One time use. Wireless. 

Cold Spark Fountain (Sparks Effect)

  • Return Policy

    All rentals must be returned to Event Designs LLC in an acceptable condition that it was delivered. The rentee will be responsible for damage fees. 

  • Terms & Conditions

    Event Designs LLC is not liable for any injury that may occur while using this rental. Rentee must read and comply with the Terms & Conditions Rental Agreement before renting this item.

  • Safety

    Cold Spark Fountains are safe for indoor and outdoor activities. As a unique special effects item, this product is non-flammable, free of foul odors and emits a minimal amount of smoke and smaller than sand granules. Heat levels from the fountain are incredibly low, and the sparks are not warm enough to burn a piece of paper