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A 25% deposit is required upon ordering any rental equipment. All rental receipts must be paid in full before delivery date of rentals. We are not responsible for delivery of rentals if the rental receipt has not been paid. 


I, we or either of us, do hereby certify that we have this date received from the Event Design's Installations, Sales & Rental Co. the equipment and/or articles listed and identified in this contract.

It is understood and agreed that personal property is leased to us by said the Event Design's Installations, Sales & Rental Co., and will be used by the lessee at the designated address for the stated period and solely for the purposes for which said equipment was manufactured and intended.

It is further understood and agreed that this equipment will not be removed from the address herein listed for use at any other address without the consent of the lessor

We further agree that said property was personally inspected and examined by us and found to be in first class condition when received.

We further agree that we hold the Event Design's Installations, Sales & Rental Co. harmless from any liability whatsoever resulting from the use of said equipment and further agree that said property will be used solely by the lessee and/or persons herein designated and no other persons without the written consent of the lessor of said equipment.

We further agree that we will immediately discontinue the use of any said equipment should same at any time, while in our possession, become unsafe or in a state of disrepair, and will immediately notify the Event Design's Installations, Sales & Rental Co. of said facts and the lessor, in consideration of the mutual covenants, agrees that it will, with reasonable dispatch after receiving said notice, replace said equipment with other equipment in good working condition.

The lessee further agrees that upon termination of this lease agreement, as stated upon the face hereof, lessee will immediately return the rented merchandise of equipment and all attachments and parts belonging thereto to the office of the Event Design's Installations, Sales & Rental Co. in the same condition same was received, ordinary wear and depreciation excepted, and agree to pay for any damage resulting to said equipment while same is in our possession, under our control, subject to this lease. In the event the lessor must resort to litigation to be reimbursed for damage caused to said equipment, lessee agrees to pay all attorney’s fees, court cost, or other expense which becomes necessary to compensate lessor for his repairing or having the equipment repaired or replaced.

In the event the lessee desires to extend this lease beyond the date and time originally agreed upon, it is understood and agreed that the lessee will immediately notify the lessor of said desire and obtain their approval and terms for said extension in writing.

We further agree that all charges for rental will be paid in advance,  or upon receipt of statement, and that all collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any expense involved in the collection of rental charges will be borne by lessee.

The lessor, at its own discretion, may revert all charges to daily rate if monthly statement or invoice is not paid on due date.

The lessee agrees to pay the lessor for all loss and damages occasioned by fire, theft, flood, accident, explosion, wreck, act of God, or any other cause that may occur during the life of this lease, and until the property has been returned into the possession of the lessor and accepted by it.


For the purpose of finding the valuation of the property in order to determine the loss, damage, or injury thereto, it is agreed that the value as hereinbefore stated shall be a true and just value forming a basis for such adjustment. In making the adjustment it is agreed that no rentals theretofore paid or due shall apply to the payment of such loss.

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