Acoustics In A Box
Acoustics in a Box is simply the best and most acoustics you can buy in a box hands down.


World class microphones, broadcast mics, wireless systems, conferencing systems, (vast selection of microphones stands and accessories)



Building on our passion for listening we have grown to design critically acclaimed headphones, turntables and microphones, remaining a family business and retaining the belief that high-quality audio should be accessible to all.



With innovative solutions in everything from access to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we are helping redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in.


Systems management signal processing solutions



Acquired by Harman International in March of 2000, Crown has continued to move forward, producing numerous innovative designs, such as the DriveCore™ Install (DCi) series that was released in 2013. This series features both analog and Network amplifiers for the installed sound market. Using just one tiny chip to replace over 500 parts makes the DCi series of amplifiers the most reliable and innovative amplifier on the market today. These products and more embody the reliability and innovativeness that have long been the manufacturer’s hallmarks. Crown today continues to delight its customers with products that consistently exceed both specifications and expectations, even on the most demanding tours and installations.


dbx professional
Professional signal processing for the live and install markets



From sold out stadiums to intimate live performance venues, sound engineers agree on one thing – for the best digital mixing consoles for live sound, the only name that matters is DiGiCo.

As the recognised worldwide standard for live audio mixing, DiGiCo consoles are renowned for their industry leading sound quality and ease of use. From the compact and affordable S21 all the way up to the pioneering power of Quantum 7, DiGiCo delivers the workflow, the feature-set and the absolute reliability that the world’s biggest tours rely upon.



For over 70 years, Dynacord has designed and engineered professional audio electronics — products that offer unparalleled performance and premium quality, the perfect balance of power and precision. We seek to surpass the highest standards of today's audio professionals, audiences and performers. Our industrial design combines finely tuned form with feature-rich functionality across every detail — clean lines and clean sound — and our dedication to durability is demonstrated in the industry's most rigorous product testing program. In applications where failure is not an option, you can rely on Dynacord to be heard loud and clear.


For over 90 years, Electro‑Voice has designed and engineered leading‑edge sound reinforcement solutions — products that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience. We have a passion for sound quality without compromise that we share with our users. This is built upon generations of hands-on professional knowledge — all gearedtowards producing a portfolio of best-in-class speakers and microphones that combine performance, reliability and value. Most importantly, our customers trust us to deliveron our deep understanding of what makes good sound. That’s the challenge that drives us forward as leaders in the industry we helped create.


JBL Commerical
JBL Commercial products are designed specifically for commercial applications and leverage the extensive knowledge, experience and technical innovation of JBL and other HARMAN brands. Crystal clear announcements and high fidelity music, for everything from the soothing spa to the bustling bar, contribute to providing an exceptional experience for your customers.


JBL Professional
Speaker enclosures, studio monitors, for the live, install, and touring markets.



We at KLANG: technologies are here to offer a new and unique concert experience to musicians all over the world. We believe that musicians who feel comfortable on stage with their monitoring sound are able to perform better and connect with the band and audience more easily and freely. 

In-ear monitoring, a phenomenon which spread widely over the past decades, is a huge step in this direction. Musicians still hesitate to make the switch from wedges to in-ears - they are troubled with an unnatural sound, missing transparency, auditory fatigue and disorientation. 

With our 3D In-Ear Monitoring, we are striving to overcome those last obstacles on the way to a perfect monitoring sound. We want to bring back the naturalness in hearing for the musician on stage - the feeling, as if you are not wearing any in-ears at all.


Professional Signal Processing for the live and recording markets.


Mogan Microphones
Mogan Microphones designs and manufactures the best subminiature earset microphones for music, theater, broadcast, House of Worship, and presentation.



OWI-Inc. was founded in 1978 as a loudspeaker manufacturer. The company's pioneering lines of outdoor/indoor, weatherized or weatherproof speakers are considered the industry standard. As a company, OWI is dedicated to research and development. This emphasis has led to an expanded product line of award-winning sophisticated audio equipment for the AV integrators, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Perdue Acoustics.jpg

Perdue Accoustics

Perdue Acoustics has specialized in controlling sound and eliminating echoes and loud uncontrolled noises in churches, schools, athletic facilities, and other commercial buildings all over the world for over twenty five years.


Pioneer DJ
Pioneer DJ is committed to bringing an uncompromised line of sound, visual and live performance products that combine advanced technologies and build quality. For over 20 years, Pioneer DJ products have been setting the industry standard, making them the premier choice for professional DJs worldwide. 


RCI Custom
RCI Custom Products is the leading manufacturer of premium quality audio and video control and connector plates, rack panels, and custom devices in the A/V industry. 



Manufacturing, marketing, importing and exporting of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software

Rolls logo.jpg


Rolls Corporation is an innovative audio electronics manufacturer specializing in mixers, amplifiers, signal processors and signal sources.


Analog & Digital Consoles for the Broadcast and Live markets.


Stewart Audio

Since 1982, Stewart Audio's singular focus has been making a difference in sound reinforcement. Our broad array of compact standard and network amplifiers span both analog and digital worlds. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we provide our customers with a unique combination of features from RS232 control to DSP in a compact package.


World leader in live performance and broadcast digital consoles.


www.symetrix.coSymetrix was founded on the principles of sound quality and product dependability. Since 1976, Symetrix has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for reliable products that deliver amazing sound. Now in a new generation of ownership, Symetrix 2.0 embodies a fresh spirit of innovation, focus and energy. We’re building on everything that has made Symetrix great and taking it in a bold new direction. Looking to the future, honoring the past. Symetrix 2.0